Cooking with… John Buenaventura

Cooking with… John Buenaventura

DXB Short - Ribs

2kg          lean short ribs with bone

20gm       star anise
10gm       black pepper
4pcs        bay leaf
5pcs       dried chilies
4L           water
200gm    salt
150gm    sug

Spice rub:
10gm     coriander powder
10gm     cumin
5gm       black pepper

10gm     cumin powder
10gm     garam masala
100ml    chicken stock
30gm     oats
10gm     ghee
60gm     onions
40gm     tomatoes
1pc        lemon

Parsley salad:
50gm     flat leaf parsley
10gm     sumac powder
40gm     pomegranates

Soaking in brine: Prepare your brine mix by adding all the ingredients in a tub, and stir it until the salt and sugar has fully dissolved. Immerse the entire short ribs with the bone in the brine and leave it submerged for 48 hours. Spice rub:

Prepare the spice rub by heating a small pan on low heat. Carefully add the dry spices, and toast them until the natural oils come out. In a spice blender, grind the seeds and set aside.

Strain the short ribs from the brine, pat it dry and rub the spice mix onto the meat, making sure you form a thick layer of the rub.

Place the short ribs inside a vacuum bag and seal. Immerse the bags in a circulator at 62.5 degrees Celsius for 28 hours until it is tender.

Start the madrouba in a medium-sized pot on medium heat. Sauté the onions, garlic and tomatoes together until it becomes soft. Add in the cumin and garam masala. Sauté until thick, and deglaze with chicken stock to loosen it up. Simmer it for 15 minutes, then add in the oats. Cook the oats until soft, adding in more chicken stock if needed. Finish it off with some ghee and seasoning.

Parsley salad:
Combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Season it with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice. Top it off with fresh pomegranate seeds and a sprinkle of sumac powder.

Remove the short ribs from the circulator and sear it over your charcoal grill. Slice it across the grain and keep warm. Heat up the cooked madrouba, and spoon it on the plate. Place the sliced short ribs on top, and finish it off with the parsley salad. Serve immediately.

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