Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau a breed that’s personality is larger than life!

The Arabian Mau is a recognised breed of domestic cat, originating from the desert cat, native to the desert of the Arabian Peninsula for more than 1,000 years. It has adapted very well to the extreme climate in the region with temperatures in the summer months reaching 50 degrees Celsius.

The Arabian Mau breed was approved by the WCF (World Cat Federation) in August 2008 in Germany.

Generally Arabian Mau cats have very loving temperaments, are loyal, friendly and have big personalities. The main feature of this cat breed is their devotion, love and affection for their owner. This particular breed will always be a reliable companion to an individual that loves it and cares for it.

The Arabian Mau gets along very well with elder children and other animals. They are neat, clean and enjoy long grooming sessions. Generally speaking, Arabian Maus are quiet, and are only vocal when they want something. However, they do tend to have a high vocal range and their vocalisations can sometimes come across as loud and demanding!

Arabian Mau cats adapted to a desert lifestyle and had to hunt for food themselves, because of this they are good hunters, quick and agile. They tend not to be picky about their food and seem to love eating. This breed of cat likes to play and is very active and curious. Cats that are allowed outdoors will easily catch prey and bring it back home. Outdoor cats like to walk around their territory and their home and Arabian Maus can be very territorial. The males will always guard their territory from other male cats.

Grooming is very easy, as they do not have long fur. But brushing will remove the dead hairs and intensify the beautiful gloss of the coat.

The females are medium sized and elegant; however, males can be much larger and more muscular. Their legs are long with perfectly oval paws and they have large ears. The tail has medium length with tapering towards the tip. The head appears to be round, but it is slightly longer than broad with well-defined whisker pads. Their eyes are oval and usually match their coat colour. The fur is short with no undercoat and lies close to the body. They come in all different colours including - black, white, ginger, tabby and tri-colour.

Adopt your own beautiful Arabian Mau

Meet Dotty
Dotty was rescued at the age of just two months with a double leg fracture. Luckily for her being so young and growing her leg healed without the need of surgery.

Dotty is now fully vaccinated, microchipped and settling into her foster home. She lives up to her name running around, jumping and playing! Dotty loves to cuddle and will make a fabulous hot bottle during the cold winter months. Dotty has incredibly captivating eyes - and for her young age she looks so wise.

Meet Maya
Maya Almaya was found at the nine months old, when she was probably hours away from death. She recovered quickly and then began the process of learning how to be a pet. Maya was nervous at first and everything scared her. She didn’t know how to be stroked and thought playtime involved attacking and chewing on limbs! It didn’t take long for her to learn with the help of her foster family and now she is fully settled, loves to cuddle, purr and play. Maya loves playing with other cats.

To meet these two beauties or if you can offer a foster home to one of the many cats and kittens in need email

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