Cooking with Chef Roberto Segura

Cooking with Chef Roberto Segura

Chef Roberto Segura from Waka shares one of his favourite recipes.

Chef Roberto Segura is Head Chef, Creator and Founder of Waka at The Oberoi Hotel. Innovative, dynamic and extraordinarily creative, Segura is responsible for creating the diverse menu of Latin American food and beverage options at Waka. Chef Segura’s passion for food started at a young age. Developing a keen sense of flavours thanks to having spent hours in his father’s kitchen watching him combine flavours, textures and tastes, Segura’s keen sense of flavour found its roots in the Latin American cuisine he was accustomed to growing up.

Ceviche de Mercado
85 grams seabass
20 grams red onion (julienne)
2 gram coriander (chiffonade)
2 gram red chilli (brunoise)
1 gram salt
0.5 gram black pepper
30 gram aji Amarillo paste  
50 gram leche de tigre
35 gram crispy calamari
8 gram choclo blanch
6 gram cancha (deep fried)
20 gram sweet potato puree
Leche de tigre
25 gram celery
150 gram lime juice
25 gram red onion
3 gram garlic
3 gram ginger
5  gram red chilli
3 gram salt
0.5 gram black pepper
25 gram seabass

Crush all the ingredients of the leche de tigre except the lime and place in a chiller for 10 minutes. Once 10 minutes have passed, put the lime juice in the mix and chill for a further 10 minutes. Once this is done, put the mixture through a strainer and keep the strained liquid aside to use in the final dish.
Crispy calamari
50 gram calamari
3 gram ginger juice
5 gram lime juice
2 gram confit garlic
20 gram flour
10 gram corn starch
4 gram paprika

Mix the calamari with the juices, coat the pieces in the mix of flours and deep fry.

Cut the fish into small pieces, put salt and pepper, add the coriander, the red chilli, the onion, the choclo and the cancha. After that put the leche de tigre with the aji amarillo paste. Plating on the side the crispy calamari.

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