Kerb Appeal

Are you thinking of selling your home? Well, first impressions really do count, so here are some simple tips to dress your home for a quick sale.

Pricing a property properly and using a good real estate agent are important factors in selling your house quickly and maximising your profits, but ultimately the most important consideration in selling your home is kerb appeal.

Kerb appeal is a synonym for how eye-catching your home is from the street. Making good exterior decor choices and performing the correct type of repairs can really give your home the 'wow factor' as buyers arrive. Making the right type of finishing touches can add plenty to the sale price of your home.

Go out to the road and walk past your home. What catches your attention? Are the windows clean? Is the lawn neat? Are there weeds in the flower beds? Make a list of the things that catch your eye and stand out. Remove any clutter and debris from your front and rear garden. No one wants to see the lawn mower or kids' toys. Pick up any fallen branches and rake up leaves.

Purchase some inexpensive plants and flowers and plant in areas that need brightening up. Mow the lawn and keep it neat throughout the period that your home is on the market. Sweep the driveway and edge any concrete (driveway, walkways, patios) if necessary.

Don't ignore the exterior of the house itself. If the house needs painting now is the time to do it. Replace any rotten wood on the exterior of the house and varnish the front door if necessary. Check all attachments on the house such as front porches, patios, even things such as corner lights and landscaping lights. Make sure that everything is in good shape and working order.

If you have a pool, keep it clean and free of toys while you are trying to sell your house. Arrange your sun loungers and garden furniture so that viewers can imagine themselves chilling out there on a Friday. Small things, like potted plants on outside tables and brightly coloured cushions on patio sofas can make all the difference to the look of your outside space.

You should now have some serious curb appeal. Keep it up while your house is on the market and hopefully you will see a big payoff when the right person sees your home.

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