Pack them up!

Moving to a new home can be exciting as it gives you a chance to re-decorate and start afresh. But moving house is apparently the third most stressful event in life, particularly when you have kids, pets and just too much stuff! Here’s our handy guide to get you packed up and on the move, with some storage solutions for when you are in between properties or simply for you to pack up those superfluous things.

Make a list
Write everything down, though its tedious you’ll be grateful for it later. So, before you pack that first box, create a system that works for you. Whether its numbering each box and listing every item inside in a notebook or noting on each box what’s inside. There’s nothing worse than 20 boxes marked “misc kitchen” when all you wanted was a plate for the pizza and a glass for that much needed grape!

Have plenty of supplies
Whether you have decided to move it all yourself or whether you are using a moving company, make sure you have more boxes than you think you will need. Have some set aside for last minute items on moving day, such as bedding, clothes and cleaning supplies.
Don’t worry about the excess as the moving company will take the boxes with them when they have finished unpacking.

Use wardrobe boxes
Easier than taking everything in your wardrobe from its hanger and folding it into suitcases, is getting the wardrobe boxes. These tall boxes with rails mean everything goes straight from your old wardrobe into the box and into your new wardrobe with minimal fuss. They can be delivered early if you want to make a start before moving day. Make sure you pack them tightly so things don’t fall off their hangers.

Colour coordinate
Designate a colour in each room e.g. green for the kitchen, blue for the lounge and so on. Then put the matching colour on the door of each room in the new house - this will make it easier for the movers when they arrive.

Keep things together
Make sure that things are kept together when packing, e.g. make sure all the right cables are tied together and kept with the TV. Small, loose parts can be taped to the item or placed in an envelope. Keep the extension cords with appliances, pictures with hooks, brackets with the shelves (and that special wrench that only works on those brackets) are kept together.  

Pack ahead
Anything you can pack before moving day will save you time. Extra bedding and clothes can go in to boxes prior to the big day. Marked clearly and put on the truck last, these things will be the first out when you arrive. This will give you access to these things traight away.

Cleaning supplies
If you will be cleaning your old place before you move out, put together a small kit of basics that can be left. It’s annoying when you realise the movers have just left and you have an hour or so spare before they arrive at the new place, only to realise you packed the broom and mop.

Use your luggage
Fill luggage and duffle bags with clothes, sheets and towels so that you know where these essentials are when you need them quickly.

Safeguard valuable items
It’s a good idea to keep valuable possessions, such as jewellery and treasured items with you. Pack up a separate box and put it in your car. It’s also worth adding important papers to this box - passports, birth certificates, housing contracts, bank and insurance paperwork etc. Keep them with you and keep them safe.

Personal boxes
Use clearly labelled or brightly coloured storage boxes for each member of the family. They can be filled with items that they’ll want right away in the new home - cosmetics, phones, a favourite teddy bear.

Removal companies
If you don’t like the idea of renting a van and doing it yourself, call in the experts and get your stuff packed up and delivered safely. Check out handy guide to removal companies

Now you have moved comes the big question…does it all fit in? If the answer is no then help is at hand. Check out handy guide to storage companies

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