Clear that clutter

Clear that clutter

Clearing clutter and being organised is not an overnight event. It took you years to build up that clutter, so realistically it can take longer than a day to clear it up. Also being organised is a habit and building a habit can take 21 to 30 days, so you need patience and time to create an organised home.

Tackling the mountain of clutter can be overwhelming, so start with short bursts of clutter clearing with exercises to clear the clutter.

1. Start dealing with one small zone such as your coffee table, bathroom sink area or kitchen counter. Wherever you start, make sure that all that is removed from that area is moved to a designated place somewhere else, thrown away or put in a donate box. If any items are to remain in that zone, keep them in little storage boxes or in a designated place within the zone. Once you have transformed the area into a clutter free zone, keep it that way.

2. Choose a shelf and remove all those old books and knick knacks that you never read or use. Do not tackle the whole bookshelf, do one shelf at a time. If you have not read the book yet and it has no sentimental value, donate the book to one of the many animal charities in the city.

3. Pick five things and find a place for them whether it be the dustbin, donation bin or a proper designated spot. If you don’t know where an item should go, create a new designated spot or decide whether you really need it. If you find five things every day to move out of your life or into a designated spot, you will start seeing a more clutter free home in just a week.

4. Pull out everything from the junk drawer throwing out old receipts and pens that do not work etc. Sort the stuff coming out of the drawer into four piles:

  • stuff that should go back in that drawer
  • stuff that should go somewhere else
  • stuff to throw away
  • stuff to donate.

5. When you open your wardrobe, take out the items that you do not wear, like or are broken and put them in the donate box or dustbin. If they are seasonal clothes, put them in a storage box and move them to the top of your wardrobe.

6. Move the donate box to your car after two weeks of doing these exercises and when you pass a donate bin, empty the box.

With thanks to Shelina Jokhiya, the founder of Decluttr Me. Visit or email for more information.

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