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What Does It Mean When I Have Bleeding Gums?
Updated on 21 March 2016

Swollen gums that bleed when you brush or floss can be a symptom of gingivitis which is caused by a build-up of plaque at the base of the teeth which hardens to become tartar. Without proper and regular removal of the plaque and tartar, more serious periodontal diseases can occur with eventual gum recession and even tooth loss or bone damage. Other causes for bleeding gums could be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or if you are taking blood-thinning medications. Chronic conditions that affect the function of the immune system such as diabetes can also be a factor for gingivitis.

Since healthy gums provide the support for the teeth and allow them to function properly, it is crucial that you keep them in top-notch condition. Come talk to me any time if you have any worries and do not let the problem of bleeding gums persist.

With thanks to Victoria Wilson, Dental Hygienist.

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