Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening

Despite having some less than impressive teeth whitening procedures done in the past I have always wished for whiter teeth. I was sick of buying over the counter whitening products, toothpastes and pretty much anything I could get my hands on and I was very pessimistic about the results of teeth whitening. That was until I heard about Phillips Zoom Speed Treatment.

What’s involved?
My teeth were assessed and the start colour of my teeth was determined before the treatment, the dentist then cleaned my teeth. Next step was to protect my gum area with a protective gel, the zoom gel was then applied and activated with the use of a special light from the Zoom lamp. This was left on for fifteen minutes, the gel was then removed and the process was repeated a further two times, it can be done for an additional cycle depending on the whiteness desired however when the dentist told me my teeth match the colour of the tissue I decided this was enough. The dentist then removed the excess gel and protective gel.

What are the results?
The results can be seen from the first 15 minute cycle, however after the final third cycle my teeth had lightened by four shades! I couldn’t believe just how much brighter and whiter my smile actually was, and as part of the treatment I was also given a whitening home kit for future touch-ups and to maintain my new look!

How Much?
The treatment is priced at Dhs 2,100.

Contact Dr Joy Dental Clinic Jumeirah Branch, Al Wasl Road. Call 04-3285332 or visit -T.C.

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