Scrub up with Dr Michaels Dental Clinic

OK so I’ll admit it – I really don’t like going to the dentist. I don’t have particularly fond memories from when I was a child, and as a result of avoiding the dentist, I needed lots of work done when I first moved here. Over the past few years I’ve spent quite a lot of money getting my teeth to a point that I am happy with them, so I make sure I keep them that way with regular check-ups and hygienist visits.

What’s involved?

I made sure Dental Hygienist, Safiyah Adhamn was completely aware of just how sensitive my teeth are before my visit. So she had already prepared a topical numbing gel so my teeth could be given a thorough clean without having to remove me from the ceiling!

What are the results?

The combination of her gentle handling and the numbing gel allowed Safiyah to give my teeth a full clean and check, and I left with that awesome smooth and clean feeling afterwards!

How much?

Prices range from Dhs 350 to Dhs 650 – Dhs 350 would be for a child or a light 30 min cleaning, Dhs 550 is average and Dhs 650 is for a deep cleaning.

Call the Umm Suqeim Clinic on 04-3949433 or the Jumeirah Clinic on 04-3495900. Dr Michaels also has a Children's Dental Center call 04-3397700. -L.C.

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