Exercises To Stay Fit While Staying At Home

2020 has been a complete whirlwind of a year. With lock downs and restrictions being imposed worldwide, it has been hard for everyone. Since most of us have spent a lot of this year stuck at home with little direct contact to the outside world, we have fallen off the bandwagon and have not taken as much care of our physical health.

Although Dubai has opened back up and restrictions were eased months ago, not everyone seems confident enough to want to go back to the gyms to get fit. And with some parents also opting to continue with home schooling for their children, the stresses of te day have mounted and a lot of people have been bent over laptops, busy with school and ending every night with aches in our necks.

It is important to break the monotony and exercise to stay healthy and fit, so as not to end up in a slump. Here are some fun ideas that can be done to stay fit with your children or roommates to bring that spring right back into your step.

  1. Ride a bicycle: We all learn how to ride a bike when we are children, but not all of us follow through with it as we get older. Cycling is a fun activity that increases your adrenaline and is the perfect workout to do in Dubai even during the hot and humid summers, as you feel the wind blowing while you cycle on. With cycling tracks set up in various locations around Dubai, you can enjoy taking in the scenic views while getting in a fun workout. It is a win-win situation for all!
  2. Take a walk in the park:  Now that the restrictions have been lifted and it is mandatory to maintain social distance, taking a quick stroll around the park is a great way to take a break from your house and is an excellent way for you and the children to get some fresh air that we all so desperately missed during lock down!
  3. Dance party: Put on your favourite songs and move as nowadays, with the surge of content on YouTube, you can always find some great videos to dance to. Dancing is a great way to have fun while also exercising if you are someone who dreads working out. Whether it is learning the choreography to your favourite k-pop song or dancing it out to some intensive Zumba, you will end up feeling like a thousand bucks once you are done. The Fitness Marshall, Madfit and Live Love Party are some great options.
  4. Yoga for the mind: Yoga is the perfect workout for you if you feel overly anxious due to the things happening around the world. Millions of people have turned to yoga to find their calm as it helps centre them. Yoga can also help with strength, and flexibility helps manage stress and is also said to help make you sleep better. So for the days when you want to stay at home and need a break, scroll through the various tutorials available on YouTube and find your favourite video to watch and unwind.
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