Aster Health Check-Ups Designed For Your Worry-Free Future

When it comes to your health, we don’t take chances, and neither should you. Preventative health care is coming to the forefront as people are becoming increasingly educated and empowered about their own health and wellbeing. People are proactively seeking medical advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle and in the process are lowering the risk of developing conditions by focusing on all-round wellbeing.

Some of the crucial factors for determining how often you should have your health checked are your age, your current lifestyle choices, and your family history. Getting yourself checked annually and discussing your health with a doctor can keep your health on the right track. Our comprehensive health check-ups are designed to suit a variety of lifestyles, demographics and ages.

7 out of 10 people struggle with weight management and making the right lifestyle choices. Choose Aster Clinic’s Basic Health Screening Package for an overall health check that can help you identify any risks and manage your lifestyle better. The package includes tests such as cholesterol level testing, chest x-ray and a consultation with a physician. 

Timely and regular screening is crucial in the development phase of a child to evaluate and ensure their health. With the Child Health Check-up, which includes a basic eye test, growth chart assessment and vaccination assessment, you can stay on top of their needs. Blood tests are also undertaken as well as a full assessment of Calcium and Vitamin D levels, both of which help in healthy bone development.

With a Master Health Check-up, a thorough health assessment is made, from kidney profiling, to chest x-ray and liver function testing. For the most comprehensive tests and a consultation with a cardiologist, this package will give you a fair idea of your wellbeing and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A thorough examination and screening of women’s general health and common gynaecological conditions is included in the Women’s Health Profile designed especially for women. The package offers a complete evaluation for women, from an ultrasound to mammogram and blood sugar level testing.

Nearly 20% of people may develop Type 2 diabetes, but regular check-ups can help to identify and reduce your risk beforehand. Aster Clinic’s Heart & Diabetes Check-Up assesses blood sugar levels and lipid profiles, as well as giving you a complete chest x-ray and consultations with specialists.


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