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Love Food is the new gourmet, organic, meal plan delivery service that brings restaurant quality healthy food to your door. The meal plans are convenient and pack a massive nutritional punch, using the freshest local organic produce, free range and grass fed meats which are 100% process free, GMO, refined sugar and additive free. Three types of meal plans are available - Vitality, Lifestyle and Power. I chose the Lifestyle plan which is based on the Paleo diet and is nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, low GI, and also totally gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free - great for those who want to lose weight and most of all maximise their health.

What type of cuisine can you expect?
All the dishes and recipes are designed by the two Chefs and owners of Elements Catering Services. Being native Australians, they have developed a menu that reflects a modern Aussie flair, infused and influenced by the freshest local produce, cultural cooking methods and flavours.

What results can I expect to see?
Love Food is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle choice. By eating a healthier more balanced diet you can expect a magnitude of results including; controlled long term weight loss, improved mood, more energy, healthier skin, hair and nails, control of many diseases such as heart disease, blood sugar management, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, some cancers, depression, arthritis and improved longevity.

What about calories?
Love Food meal plans are not designed around calorie intake, they instead focus on high quality meals for a nutritionally balanced, sustainable lifestyle. Calories are not all created equal; for example 100 calories in two tablespoons of chocolate chips are not the same as 100 calories in broccoli as there’s a huge difference in nutrients and the way they affect your appetite, energy levels, and long-term health.

I had 3 meals and 2 snacks per day plus 3 bottles of water with fruits and herbs. Breakfast included dishes such as a delightful vegetable frittata, sweet potato pancake or granola with yoghurt. Morning snacks included apple avocado elder flower and spinach smoothie and an amazing gazpacho. Lunch ranged from daikon pasta bolognese to lamb quinoa avocado salad. The afternoon snacks included things like lavender macarons and dinner sea bass bok choy and rice and braised beef sweet potato spinach and asparagus. Everything was super tasty and although I was clearly eating a lot less in portion size I wasn’t hungry at all. By the end of the week I had lost a couple of kilos but I felt much better, lighter, cleaner and more energised. I would definitely do this again!

How much?
Monthly meal plans are priced between Dhs 729 and Dhs 1,187 per week and are customisable based on individual requirements (duration, frequency and meal plan).
Call 04-3212663 or visit, email -L.C.

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