REVIEW: Signature Massage At Soul Wellness And Spa

Located on the 52nd floor of Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, the spa has the whole floor to itself and offers stunning views of the city. The elevator opens straight in to the spa, which is quite open and rejuvenating to look at. Designed with white and turquoise colours, the spa resonates with luxury.

 You are warmly welcomed at reception with a delicious drink and a hot hand towel. You are sat down by the receptionist and are explained about the number of massages the spa has to offer.

We went for the Signature Massage, 60 minutes, and expected a relaxing and rejuvenating experience from the spa’s signature offer. As we finished our welcome dink, and completed the consultation form, we were given the choice of four oils to choose from and the therapist explained the benefits of each one. After we chose lavender fragrance, we headed off to another luxury component of the spa - the changing room.

If you are accompanied by someone, they can relax in the lounge area that comes before the changing room. The lounge area is lit up with electric candles and has shelves stocked up with motivational books. 

The changing room has all the facilities you would expect, including secure lockers for your personl effects. Once changed into your robe, the therapist comes and takes you to the treatment room.

The dimly lit room is again quite spacious. As you enter it, your therapist asks you to sit down on a very stylish lounge sofa and you dip your feet in lukewarm water. The therapist starts the treatment by drying off your feet and massaging them. The treatment is everything you expect from a signature massage. The pressure points, the time given to massage every body part is very wisely designed and leave you wanting to come back again. 

After the treatment is over, the therapist takes you to the lounge specifically reserved  for guests which offers breathtaking views of Sheikh Zayed Road. And as you relax on a reclining sofa, you wrap up the blissful session by sipping green tea from a cute bone-china tea set. Price Dhs 600. Call 04-5034100. 

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