Yoga For Stronger Immune System

We love this weather and all these festive vibes around us but we cannot disagree that these festive vibes can be affected for some, as the change in season comes with its own share of infections and illnesses and almost every other person we know falls prey to a bug in one way or another. However, if you practice yoga, you can wash off those bacteria and viruses which have attacked your body and can recover quicker than ever. Yoga poses involving twists, inversions and restorative moves which can help bolster your immune system.


 Poses such as the twisted chair, revolved hand to big toe and reclining twists, are great examples of twist poses which help our body in flushing cold and flu viruses out of the system. These poses act as a self-massage technique for organs and stimulate them to restore the balance in a more organic way.


Inverted poses such as the shoulder stand, headstand, and the full bridge, stimulate the lymphatic system in flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Our body requires movement to remain active and the inverted poses act as the best agents.


To restore the balance in our body, we also need to rest it, hence, including restorative poses such as savasana, the reclined bound angle and the restorative twist in our yoga practice, fuels up the recovery process. These poses give our mind and body the chance to recharge naturally.

It is advisable to practice these yoga poses on a daily basis, and in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, you will be ready to take up the seasonal challenges with a strong and healthy immune system.

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