Yoga For Strong Core

A strong torso is your body’s powerhouse with endless benefits. A strong core makes you less prone to injuries, protect the most important inner organs, central nervous system and help prevent back pain. Having a strong core does not mean to have abs, it’s all about having a core where abdominal muscles, lower back and hip flexors work together to improve structure and alignment.

Clifford Tindell. Branch Manager of Yoga La Vie said,“Yoga is a great regime to strengthen the core, lengthen muscles, improve posture and burn those infamous calories. The bonus? Improved spinal alignment, posture and a strong core will have you look like you've lost weight even if your still indulging in the occasional donut... You're only human.”

Half Boat Pose - Sit on the mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the mat. While keeping your torso straight, lean back about 45 degrees and raise your feet so your calves are parallel to the mat. Beginners can put their hands on their thighs for support, while others can keep their arms parallel to the floor alongside their calves.

Chair Pose - Stand straight with your feet together. Try to bend your knees as close to parallel with the floor. Keep pushing your hips back as if you are sitting on a low chair. Lean forward and press your torso against your thighs and lift your arms upwards with your palms facing each other.

Plank Pose - It is an arm balancing yoga pose that tones the abdominal muscles while strengthening the arms and spine. Lie down on your stomach. Raise your arms and hips so that your body is in a straight line with your toes curled under. Arms should be under your shoulders and your face should be ahead of your palms. Engage your thighs and press your heels back as your chest lengthens forward. Make sure your hips are not too high or low. 

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