Jump Your Way To Fitness New Trampoline Classes

Fitness First is ensuring it keeps members in tip-top shape, as it becomes one of the first health club chains in the UAE to launch trampoline classes.  

The brand new JUMP class consists of a number of fun and low-impact exercises such as squats, lunges and high knees, as well as specific moves that can only be done on a trampoline.

Trampoline classes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the fact that it is a low-impact form of exercise. Set to the backdrop of an upbeat playlist, JUMP provides a fun but intense cardio workout without putting excess stress on the heart, muscles and joints. The 45-minute class is suitable for all levels of fitness and participants can achieve incredible results through the fat burning classes whilst also improving balance and co-ordination. For an extra boost, members can use their MYZONE heart rate monitor to take their workout to the next level. The MYZONE feedback, which is displayed on a screen during the class, encourages class participants to push even harder.

Alan Holl, Group Head of Fitness at Fitness First, says: “At Fitness First, we are committed to providing our members with not only the latest fitness equipment, but also access to innovative and results-focused classes and exercise programmes. JUMP is an exclusive signature class by Fitness First, with bespoke programming designed by our National Group exercise team. The class is a fantastic addition to our offering and one that is already showing signs of success with the majority of classes being fully booked every day. We’re committed to providing our members with the latest innovations, with many more coming soon.”

Low-impact cardiovascular fitness

When jumping on a trampoline, the flexible surface moves as you land, reducing the impact upon landing, unlike other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as jogging. The jumping motion still enables participants to increase their heart rate, therefore increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Improved lymphatic function

One of the greatest benefits of trampolining is the benefit it offers to the lymphatic system. The up-and-down bouncing of trampolining stimulates the lymph system, increasing lymph flow substantially, this keeps waste products moving, clearing the body of toxins and improving overall immune function.

Improved balance and coordination

Trampolines are good for improving balance and co-ordination. When you jump on a trampoline, your body must find its center of gravity and “re-balance” before landing again. With practice, you become better at maintaining your equilibrium despite unexpected movement patterns.  

*JUMP is currently available at Fitness First’s IBN Battuta and Oasis Centre clubs in Dubai, with further classes due to be rolled out across the Middle East in the near future.

Fitness First consistently aims to bring brand new, innovative and results-orientated classes to its members. Each of its health clubs offers a range of exclusive signature classes, designed by its internationally trained team, such as T.U.F.F, 6D and CORB.

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