Beach babe curls at Blow Out Bar

Located in Palm Jumeirah, Blow Out Bar is everything about hair except cuts and colours. The décor is quite chic and modern. It has a colour theme of green and white colours. On being asked about the colour theme, we were informed the salon offers hair treatments which are organic and use products which are cruelty-free.

The salon opens at 7.30 am and specialises in hair services like different types of blowouts, hair-dos, braids and organic hair treatments. The façade of the salon is quite lavish designed with floor-to-celling glass windows. The entrance was the only sign that we were entering a modern hair salon.

We reviewed the organic hair treatment, manicure and a blow out service, an experience that took two hours. The salon does manicures and hair treatments side by side to save time of course.

The organic hair treatment is customised for you as per your hair condition. After carefully examining the hair, the stylist chooses an organic treatment which includes a deep head massage with essential oils followed by the application of a hair mask made of Greek curd and glycerine.

Within the salon is an in-house café for its guests to sip a freshly brewed coffee and nibble some cookies while the treatment continues. Coming back to the hair, after the hair mask, a moderately hot towel was wrapped around my head which was replaced with the second hot towel after about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the manicurist proceeded with the manicure treatment. The head-wash post hair steaming took some time as they had applied oil on the scalp. However, the process was gentle and smooth.

After the hand and hair treatments, the stylist asked for my preference of blow out. They have some quite chic options, ranging from ancient blow outs to beach curls to just a simple one. We went ahead with the beach babe curls and having short hair is no constraint. It took one hour but the stylist knew her job well, hence, the results were good. The curls were making perfect waves and looked very clean and natural.

Golden Mile 10, Palm Jumeirah. Visit or call 800-BLOWOUT (800-2569688). Weekdays: 7:30am-9pm and weekends: 9am-9pm.

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