Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t we all want a perfect Hollywood smile? Even though we are not always born with a perfect one but who cares when we can get it any way. Cosmetic Dentistry is the answer to all your doubts and to a wishful smile. There are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures which can be used to get perfect teeth alignment, a broader smile and much more. We spoke with cosmetic dental experts in the UAE to understand about cosmetic dentistry and the procedures popular among residents.

Popular procedures
According to the experts, patients come to cosmetic dental surgeons to improve the appearance of their mouth that generally includes teeth whitening, braces, fill in the gaps between teeth, repairing worn-out teeth, aligning the teeth and fixing gummy smiles.

Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic, General Dentist and Medical Director of Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre said, “Cosmetic dentistry includes any dental work that is performed to improve the appearance of your mouth, including your teeth, bite or gums. The most popular types of cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, ceramic veneers/lumineers, implants, braces/ Invisalign, bonding, ceramic cad-cam crowns and bridges etc. These procedures are suitable for patients who would like to fill in gaps between teeth, change the size, shape, and contour of existing teeth, remove stains or lighten colour of teeth, repair chipped or broken teeth, replace missing teeth, correct or adjust bite and align teeth.

Talking about the latest trends, Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic further added, “The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry like cad/cam technique, 3D, CBCT, smile design, are extremely helpful for dental team, to make individual specific treatment plan for each patient, also assuring patients that doctors are following the latest technologies, in delivering the best service."

Dr. A. Amer, MD of The Dental Spa said, “The most popular procedures are teeth whitening, laser gum and lip lightening, replacing metal fillings, teeth straightening using clear sligners, smile makeover i.e. veneers and gummy smile treatment.

Dr Fadi Farooq Anaie, expert in Aesthetic Dentistry at CosmeSurge said, “At CosmeSurge Clinics, we provide a wide variety of dental procedures, the most popular include: teeth whitening, veneers, full mouth re-habituation, smile design, direct and indirect aesthetic fillings, Invisalign orthodontic treatment, dental implants, root canal treatment, and dental laser application that treat gum disease and lips and gum pigmentation. The most popular procedure is Hollywood Smile. The procedure is safe and done with minimal changes to the teeth. We expect treatment to be effective for an average of 15-20 years, after treatment; daily teeth brushing and flossing are necessary.

Who should consider these procedures?
Cosmetic dentistry is for anyone as it’s more about aesthetics, however doctors suggest patients have a good oral health.

Dr. A. Amer, MD of The Dental Spa said "Almost everyone can be a candidate for some sort of cosmetic dentistry. The ideal candidate is someone who has good oral health, but who suffers from aesthetic issues affecting their ability or desire to smile and/or their self-confidence."

Key questions to ask before proceeding?
Asking right questions can make a huge difference. Patients can have lots of vague ideas in their mind but it is important to communicate to understand what’s possible and what’s not. Alternatively, one should always bear cost questions in their mind as cosmetic dentistry is generally not covered under insurance.

Dr. A. Amer said, “One should ask questions pertaining to the treatment options available specific to their case? Also, one should check the experience and qualification of the dentist. Besides that the patient should have a frank conversation with the surgeon and accordingly set realistic expectations." Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic of Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre said,, “The patient must discuss his expectation with the dentist. Not all the expectations can be reached; sometimes the dentist can give better options the patient may not be aware of. Usual questions patient should ask before procedures are: How long result will last? How long it will take? Is it safe? Is there any side effects? Cost?”

Speaking on the cost aspect, Dr Fadi Farooq Anaie said further added, “It is also recommended to ask your insurance company if they provide any coverage for cosmetic dentistry. Many patients are also not aware of the difference between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist. General dentists can become cosmetic dentists with additional training.”

Cosmetic dentistry can correct misshapen teeth, fix disproportionately small teeth and repair chips, cracks and gapped teeth, for a beautiful healthy look. It, in return can boost self-confidence.

Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic, General Dentist and Medical Director of Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre, “Advantages of cosmetic dentistry are numerous. Cosmetic procedures make your smile perfect, which does quite a bit for you in all kinds of ways. Perfect teeth can help restore confidence. Cosmetic dentistry restores teeth health. Because cosmetic dental procedures return teeth to the shape that they were intended to be in, and replaces missing teeth, you will be able to use them more effectively, such as for chewing food. You will have healthier teeth in general, because they have been restored to their original shape, position and full integrity. 

Dr. A. Amer, MD of The Dental Spa said, “Not normally covered under insurance and Quality Cosmetic Treatment can be perceived as expensive.”

Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic, General Dentist and Medical Director of Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre said, “There are only two disadvantages to cosmetic dentistry. The first is that cosmetic procedures can be expensive. The second disadvantage goes hand in hand with the first, that often, insurance will not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures, or will not cover enough to make them affordable. Many patients have to pay out of pocket for cosmetic dental procedures."

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