REVIEW: Smash, Yell, Stomp, Tear

How amazing would that be, if we tell you that now you have a place which offers you the opportunity to hurl as many plates and glasses you wish and allows you to stomp all over TV sets and laptops to shatter into pieces, and all that without being punished or without having you grounded at home?

Billing it as a day spa, because all it wants is for you to feel at peace, Dubai get it’s first Smash Room. It’s a rebels version of a mind-soothing spa, but with no masseur around to help you feel relaxed, where you vent out all your rage by smashing TV's, laptops, plates at this new anger ‘therapy’ room. It’s an alternative workout as well releasing all toxins that come from suppressed feelings.

Located in Al Quoz, this new place has a very rugged warehouse look with walls painted with quirky graffiti art. It has four rooms filled with junk electronics such as furniture, TVs, laptops and fragile plates, glasses and vases sourced through donations and local scrap dealers. There is a choice of tools to help you smash things up, including  cricket bats, baseball bats, and sledge hammers - so you choose your favourite destruction weapon. This ‘therapy’ session like any other spa session comes with different options. “The Quickie” session for thirty minutes includes eight small items, two medium and one large item priced at Dhs 99; to vent out a little more fury, get into “Smash and Dash” for Dhs 149. But, if you are looking for something to release a serious rage, there is “the Big Bang” room given for one hour priced at Dhs 249.

“Two to Tango” option is available for those who want to be accompanied by a friend to the Smash Room. This option will cost you Dhs 299. The Smash Room does not allow more than 2 people inside each room for safety reasons.

Last but not least, get a box of your own things and smash them for Dhs 75.

Don’t worry, safety first. Protective wear such as helmets with face guards, gloves, kneepads and chest protective gear are given. The only word of advice is to wear active wear and closed toe shoes and only those aged 16 yeasr and over are allowed to smash.

Umm Sequim Road, Al Quoz 4, Dubai. Call 058-1982323 or visit

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