REVIEW: A royal bath at Le Royal Club Spa

As you drive up to Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, you meander through the hotel property to reach the brand new Royal Club which features Le Royal Club Spa with serene white décor. The spa offers a range of relaxation therapies and I chose to review Signature Hammam Experience which follows the rituals of Morrocon Hammam aiming to regenerate baby skin and gives you a blush red face.

The spa manager after explaining the benefits of the hammam introduced me to my lovely Moroccan masseuse. She took me to the dry hot room embellished with two lavish marble tables, and a steam room. The setting of the room instantly set the royal tones. The hammam started with hot water rinse.  I sat on the hot marble slab and the masseuse gently poured water from a quaint sliver bowl over me. That was quite a queenly thing to start with. Later, she applied heena soap all over my body followed by a ten minute rest session in the steam room. The soap was rinsed using lots of hot water - temperatures of water were set to my chosen comfort levels.

The second stage involved scraping off the dead skin using a Kessa glove. I was amazed to see the ammount dead skin left on the marble shelf.  After rinsing the leftover dead skin off my body, the masseur gave me a very restful Aragan hair oil treatment and full body scrub. That’s not all. After one more hot water rinse, came the most invigorating and mind soothing slice, where I enjoyed a full body massage with a paste of fresh lavender infused with organic ingredients. The experience totally sent me into a slumber.

After the most appeasing massage, the masseur sent me to relax in the steam room. And, after the final hot water rinse, I changed into my clothes in a dedicated dressing room and was served a hot cup of mint tea. The whole experience was enjoyable, and the masseuse was particularly impresive. the experience been enhanced with soothing background music. If having a a bath treatment, I advise you to leave shyness at home.

Treatment: Signature Hammam Experience
Price: Dhs 475
Reservations: Call 04-2170000

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