REVIEW: Floatfit @ Club Mina Gym

Bored with your Yoga class or gym training? We have got something fun and interesting for you to try your legs on!

Club Mina Gym in partnership with Aquaphysical has recently introduced 
a new water fitness class, Floatfit. Floatfit combines Yoga postures and high intensity interval training exercises such as planks and burpees, and is performed on top of specially designed float  Aquabase.

The floats are clipped to ropes in the swimming pool. You can wear either a swimming costume or gym gear to the class. We chose the latter. The first thing you do after you immerse into pool is climb onto the Aquabase. Then comes the first ‘balancing act’ when you try to gingerly stand on the Aquabase.

Words of wisdom, stand in the centre and widen your feet for better balance.

Then you start off with a line-up of exercises which are surely not new to you, squats, planks, sit-ups, mountain climbers and burpees. Just that this time you would be doing these on top of wobbly floats fearing to slip off. The fear runs out of the mind the moment you capsize and realise what have you been afraid of? It’s only water.

Each move lasts for 30 seconds in a session of 45 minutes and with every fall you gain more confidence and control on your float. It teaches you to trust yourself and focus.

At end of the class, you not only improve your muscular strength and endurance but it also helps with posture, balance, focus and coordination.

Location: Westin Lap Pool at Club Mina Gym in Mina Seyahi Complex
Entry point: Club Mina Gate beside Barasti Bar Access Point
Classes: Three classes each week on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday at 8am
Fees: Dhs 75 each session (45 minutes) for non-members and Dhs 55 for hotel guests and Club Mina members
Local Fitness Partner: Functional Fitness Supply

For bookings, readers can contact Club Mina Reception at 04-3181420

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