Healthy habits to suit your busy life

Since we can’t all live at the gym, try adopting these habits for a healthier you.

Take every chance to get moving
Home is a great place to get started for healthy habits. The doorbell rings and typically you’re calling out to your wife, husband, son or daughter to answer it. Not anymore because this is a great opportunity to get moving and answer it yourself. Just by pushing yourself out of your seat, the short walks to the door are a helpful habit on the road to becoming more active. Every effort counts, no matter how small. Go get the mail, take a walk with your family, stroll around the mall, or just clean the house. These miniscule activities will build your stamina and avoid overwhelming yourself by thoughts of devoting hours at the gym. Once you start moving, add 10 minutes of daily workout and slowly begin to increase the duration day by day. Remember, consistency is key.

Up your veggie intake
They say fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. If that’s the case, then one of the best and easiest habits to add to your lifestyle is making sure you’re eating equal, if not more, veggies on your plate than carbs. They’re filling, low in fat, and packed with nutrients you didn’t even know you needed. This is also a great habit for those who end up eating out on a regular basis too, ask for extra side salads and try cutting out the bread. For those who still can’t seem to get the taste of vegetables, experiment! There’s a ton of veggies out there and the more you start eating, the more you’ll learn of your own favourites. Another useful tip to add is to be mindful of how the vegetables you are eating are cooked. Choose steamed or boiled veggies over fried or sautéed in oil.

Skip the lift and take the stairs
You’ve passed by the stairs in your office or apartment building a ton of times and now it’s time to try them out, even if it’s less than half way. Taking the stairs is the easiest way to incorporate some great exercise into your busy life. Although it can be a little daunting especially if where you live or work towers high above the city, start small. If you live or work on the twentieth floor, take the lift to the eighteenth floor and walk up the rest of the way. Choose to walk up the escalator instead of standing still at the mall or skip them all together at the metro station. Stairs are a foolproof way of getting leaner, toned legs and climbing regularly will boost your energy and stamina.

Do not quit but decrease your sugar intake
We know that you love your tea with two teaspoons of sugar and a doughnut on the side. It would be a nightmare for you, if you are asked to have your tea sugarless, and no doughnut for life. It is not a good idea because if you quit everything, you would be back eating all those calories in no time. It’s a matter of your health, right. You do not need short term non-effective solutions. That’s what you have been doing and have failed miserably. Didn’t you? If yes, we have a quick fix. We advise you to decrease the quantity of your sugar intake. If you are taking two teaspoon of sugar, reduce it to one. If you like to eat full doughnut, eat half. The main point is that do not hang on. Satisfy your unhealthy cravings and move on. Try implementing this health tip into your everyday schedule, and you would see those inches disappearing without extra effort.

Keep a cheat day for your fried food
It is really stressful if you have not been eating your fries, burgers and pizzas for a week or so and are planning to quit those junk for life. Do not expect the magic to happen. You will crave those junk foods you have been eating for years. You just cannot quit eating them just like that. Hence, it is advisable to give in to your cravings one day and let your taste buds satisfy their urge to eat all the flavours they have been waiting for. Cheat day is fun. It is a psychological break for you to keep you sane. As long as you are following 90 percent of your diet plan, you can include 1-2 cheat meals per week.

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