2018 …New year…new you!!

With New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. In order to reach your target weight, make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle that will work best for you and your journey, that will help you keep the determination to maintain a healthy weight.

• Find your motivation
What’s your motivation? Losing weight? Certain outfits you want to get into? To feel energised? Or simply improve your health? Get clear about what you really want and why you want to change, and then use it to inspire you.

• Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal
S: Specific - Make your goal specific. It should be exactly what you want and envision
M: Measurable - You can measure your progress, so you can stay on track
A: Attainable - Set achievable goals no matter how long it takes
R: Realistic - Do not set impossible goals, it will only demotivate you
T: Timely - Set a time to achieve your goals and challenge yourself to do so

• Start changing gradually
Your first small step towards wellness can be a giant leap for your self-confidence. Don’t make the mistake of turning your life into an existence you no longer recognise as your own. Habits take years to form, your best chance to change them is to take it slowly. Drastic changes in your eating routine can result into bigger health issues in the long run and will make you lose your self-control on food; binging and various eating disorders. Make sure your changes are gradual so you don’t revert to old habits. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! 

• Fuel up on your Greens
Vegetables are not only high in vitamins, minerals, and fibers but also fill you up with fewer calories. Make sure you are adding veggies to your daily meals. Fill half of your plate with vegetables, or start your meal with a salad, this helps you not to overeat from the main dish.

• Rate your plate on every meal
Divide your plate into protein, starch, and vegetables. Always choose whole foods and avoid processed. Fill half your plate with a variety of different vegetables, quarter for protein (choose animal lean protein/plant based protein either baked/grilled) and a quarter for carbohydrate (make sure most of your daily carbohydrates are whole).

• Control your portion size
Use a smaller plate, bowl or glass and choose smaller portions. Don’t exceed the amount of foods on your plate. Take your time to enjoy your food, don’t rush and chew properly- your brain needs at least 20 minutes to realise that you are full. Don’t add more food onto your plate when you’re done eating, you will soon realise you are full.

• Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Don’t skip meals, mainly breakfast! Contrary to what many believe, skipping meals does not help you in a weight loss strategy, it only sets your goal back. Skipping meals put your body in starvation mode (your body thinks that you are starving and starts to store fat), and leads to binging on your next meal. Keep in mind your body is like a car (if you do not put fuel in, it will not move), same if you do not put nutrition in your body it will not burn calories.

• Physical activity
Add exercise to your daily routine and make a habit out of it. Exercise at least 150 minutes per week (moderate intensity exercise). Walking a total of 12,000 steps daily helps you stay in shape and maintain your fitness. Always remember that healthy nutrition will not make you lose weight without physical activity, and physical activity will not make you fit without healthy nutrition.

Remember that good health is a result of your overall eating pattern and every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body.

Don’t feel demotivated if you find it difficult to start alone, it’s a natural feeling. Ask for support from your loved ones or you can simply ask for help from one of our experts on all your fitness needs and concerns. Fitness First has got you covered! 
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