Using these creams could be damaging to your health

Love it or hate it! Influencer/blogger marketing works. 

Since the birth of the internet, content production has come from a lot of channels, either from professionals who know what they’re talking about or from influencers who post about and review products outside their speciality. 

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has warned the public against three facial skin care whitening creams that were marketed on social media.

Some cosmetics contain substances that could cause damage to the skin, cancer or other toxic effects. These are being promoted illegally by bloggers/influencers or fashionistas. 

The first drug-store products is 'Dermovate' - a prescription only medicine for treating eczema and psoriasis and should not be applied on the face. It has side effects such as numbness, burning, itching, acne and can also cause bacterial or fungal skin infections. 

The second cream is 'Differin Gel' - a cream used to treat pimples, and also for facial peeling, but could cause some adverse effects including dryness and allergy. 

The third skin care brand is 'Hi-Queen,' - an unregistered product that contains 4 percent of Hydroquinone, a chemical substance banned by The World Health Organization as long-term use of it could lead to skin cancer, in addition to liver disorders resulting from it absorbed through the skin. 

The Ministry’s Health Empowerment and Compliance Department have also decided to step up and form a team to track and monitor some of the suspected accounts on social media.

Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing, MOHAP urged the public to “dismiss misleading advertisements which promote some skin whitening creams without medical consultation” unless approved by the Ministry.  

Be wary of the decisions you make and don’t be easily manipulated!

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