What is celergen?

So, here we are again in the constant search for the proverbial “Fountain of Youth” or “Elixir of Life”. Don’t you wish you could just take a tablet? Well actually, you can!

Researched and developed by prestigious Swiss, French and German anti-ageing experts, cell therapists, gerontologists, biotech chemists, scientists and pharmaceutical professionals - Celergen is quite literally the Rolls Royce of supplements for your body. It is a multi-faceted cell therapy treatment system that aims to intercept and prevent, repair and maintain, rebuild and rehabilitate your body irrespective of your age. It has been clinically proven to be enormously effective in replenishing energy and stamina, boosting your overall vitality, improving your mood, preventing unhealthy fat storage in your body, while also rebuilding your skin from the inside helping to restore a firm youthful complexion.

What’s involved?
I simply took one tablet per day 20 minutes before breakfast.
What are the results?
I noticed a boost in my energy levels. I was sleeping better and bouncing out of bed - even at 5.30am for training. Old aches and pains from various sporting injuries were reduced. My mood improved, I was able to concentrate better and was less stressed. Plus my skin tone improved and I looked more refreshed. It wasn’t that I felt a dramatic change, it was a sense of wellbeing, calm and ease of doing physical or mental activities. All in all I can highly recommend Celergen to anyone looking to improve their health.
How much?
A course (30 tablets) is priced at Dhs 1,300.
Visit www.celergenhealth.com for more information and orders. -L.C.

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