5 Reasons to add yoga and meditation to your life

More and more of us are turning to yoga and meditation practices. The reasons are no longer just about working out, but more about a change in lifestyle for our health and wellbeing. As they say, “your health is your greatest wealth”. Here are our top 5 reasons to roll out that yoga mat.

Mental health

There are thousands of studies into the effects of yoga and meditation on the mind. They are both known to bring inner peace and calm and to help reduce stress and anxiety. This leads to benefits like more effective thinking, a stronger immune system and most importantly, better sleep.

Reduce stress

Stressing less makes room for more happiness. A 2005 study at Harvard Medical School found that meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex, the area of your brain associated with attention and self-awareness. Did you know that one elementary school in Baltimore is even using mindfulness and meditation and yoga in place of detentions and punishments with incredible results?

Better circulation

Yoga gets your blood flowing, and the relaxation exercises can help your blood circulation especially in the hands and feet. The increase in blood flow sends more oxygen to your cells which is good for health in generaland can help ward off your chances of heart disease.

Strength and balance

Regular yoga practice can improve balance and help those with bad posture, which for most of us is the result of being hunched over a keyboard for 12 hours a day. Yoga postures strengthen the body from the inside out meaning you not only look good but feel good too. Based on some health reports yoga and meditation together with a heathy diet can relieve symptoms such as constipation, IBS and other digestive problems.

Weight loss

Yoga helps you burn calories and lose weight as well toning you up. In addition, yoga and meditation encourages you to eat well and can help you to become a more conscious eater which means you can lose weight in a sustainable way. Researchers at UC San Francisco studied a group of women to see if meditating could prevent overeating. Each participant had to meditate for 30 minutes a day and although they weren’t given a specific diet they were taught mindful eating. As well as maintaining their weight the participants also reduced their cortisol levels. Reducing stress and cortisol levels can also reduce abdominal fat.

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