Dhs 500 monthly fine starts for no health insurance

A new Dhs 500 fine has been rolled out each month for every Dubai resident or his dependents without any health insurance. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has stressed that all residents, regardless of their visa type, need to have medical insurance. Sponsors are required by the law to provide insurance to their employees and dependents.

"In accordance with Dubai government regulations, everyone must be insured before 31st March 2017, to avoid facing fines. By 1st April, fines are applicable to everyone and all visa types. When an employer has not provided cover for an employee, the fines are the responsibility of the employer and not the employee. The fines are implemented by the General Directorate of Residency and Immigration during any visa activity. As an employer or sponsor, you are required to insure your employee," the DHA said.

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