What’s your thinking strategy?

Have you ever thought about your thinking strategy to problem solving? This is a topic that coaches are passionate about and almost always comes as a surprise when presented to new clients. The reality is most people take thinking for granted. They don’t think about how they think.

Understanding the process of thinking, or more accurately how we process data about what is happening to us and around us, is really important as it enables us to move out of a reactive, action-based position into a more useful, reflective stance. This makes more information available to us before making judgements and decisions; enables us to consider our strengths and resources before making a move; and allows us to ponder the consequences of our actions.

 What if I was to tell you that the latest research into Neuroscience shows that thinking alone is not effective in problem-solving? Do you wonder why you can lie awake at night, unable to sleep, turning a challenge over and over in your head and never coming to a solution? The answer is in the multiple neural networks, termed ‘brains’, that are spread throughout our body. Basically, you have more than one brain.

 The new field of mBIT, which stands for multiple brain integration techniques, is based on these latest findings in neuroscience that show we have complex and functional brains in our heart and gut. Combining this with behavioural modelling research, a number of insights have been found about the roles of the heart and gut brains for decision-making.

 The impact of this for parents, teachers and business leaders is vast. In order for us to lead happy, satisfying and successful lives in today’s complex social and business environments, we must learn to tap into the innate primary intelligences of our heads, hearts and guts. To be truly resilient and authentic in the present day requires new levels of self-awareness and self-support. This will only increase in importance as new studies begin to reveal a link between new technologies and anxiety and stress. mBIT provides a fascinating and proven model that reconnects us, neuro-physiologically, to our intuition and instinct.

Have you ever been told to ‘trust your gut’ instinct or perhaps ‘be true to your heart’? Research indicates that each of our brains have primary functions or specific forms of intelligence that it processes. Not surprisingly, our head is about our cognitive perception, thinking and making meaning, not only from language but also from narrative and metaphors. Our heart governs our emotional processing, relationships and everything we hold important including dreams and desires. Finally, our gut deals with our self-protection, what we take action on, and our identity - who we are.

The importance of this is two-fold. First, when making a decision it’s critical that all three brains are involved. Without the head, the situation would not be properly thought through and options evaluated. Without the heart, there will not be enough emotional energy and drive to care enough to act. With the gut, there will not be enough attention on risk management nor enough willpower to overcome challenges.

 The second implication relates to the reason many clients seek help. The primary cause of inner conflict is when one brain performs the function of another. This can be typically seen when we make a plan that we do not commit to, berate ourselves for not being able to control a habit, and lack the energy and motivation to do something we know is good for us. The applications for personal change are endless from weight loss, anxiety, negative behaviours and cravings.

In a nutshell, to help us cope with the complexity of modern life, we need to learn how to tap into, communicate with and align our multiple intelligences to access the wisdom that is naturally within us. This wisdom immediately improves our decision-making, action-taking, intuition, relationships, health and wellbeing, and personal fulfilment. The most fascinating aspect to the findings and application of mBIT is its efficiency in creating effective, positive changes that can be used for therapeutic personal change as well as impressive leadership and business success.

Rania Laing is one of the first mBIT coaches in the UAE. She is a Personal Change Expert and an ICF Certified Professional Coach with The Change Associates based in Dubai Knowledge Village. To book an mBIT session call 04-3902217, email rania@changeassociates.ae or visit www.changeassociates.ae.

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