Review: Dental treatment at Confident Dental and Skin Care Clinic

Like many people, I am not comfortable visiting the dentist. In need of a crown after the old one broke off, it was hard to convince myself to get it fixed due to repeated bad dental experiences. Then someone recommend Dr Benny Sjoborg at Confident Dental & Skin Care Clinic located on Jumeirah Beach Road.

After an initial consultation I was advised that my gum needed to be trimmed and the post for my cap to be replaced. Although I was extremely nervous, I allowed the dentist to proceed with the work. A topical gel was applied to my gum, and I was given an injection to numb the area. Dr Benny started to remove the overgrown gum tissue by laser, which was completely painless. Every step of the way he explained what he was doing, which helped allay my nerves.

Once the gum was corrected, a post was put in place and the area was ready for the crown measurement. This was the best part! Confident Dental use a state of the art scanner that replaces the old-fashioned plaster mould, which I have always found to be extremely uncomfortable. Within a few minutes the scanner had taken all the required images.

I left the clinic that morning with a temporary fill and returned the next day where the dentist checked the crown fitting. He then he applied bonding and within 30 minutes I had the crown on. It was a perfect fit!

I was told not to chew solid food for an hour to allow the bonding to set in correctly. About three hours later, I was eating my lunch as normal on the side where the new crown was placed. A straight forward, painless procedure done quick and efficiently, I can highly recommend this dentist and clinic.

Call 04-3433315 for appointments. -H.B.


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