Review: Yoga Tune Up

Created by LA-based fitness and pain management expert, author of The Roll Model, Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up is a specialised fitness therapy method that’s all about self-care. Built around the three Ps - Pain, Posture, Performance - Yoga Tune Up combines corrective exercises that draw from Yoga, physical therapy principles and other stretching methods to improve range of motion, relieve chronic tension and decompress the joints.

Life is filled with stress, and the body has a tendency to absorb that tension, storing it in the muscles, joints and connective tissue. The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls are a remedy that can help to loosen up overworked or underused areas that have become tension ‘hot spots’. The balls act like a skilled massage therapist, but put you in control of your own self-healing as you control the pressure and pace of your massage.

YTU therapy balls help relieve:

  • Stiff neck and headaches
  • TMJ/tight jaw
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Sciatica and back pain
  • Tight hips and hamstrings
  • IT band syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis and foot pain

Some spots were quite uncomfortable for me, but it was totally manageable especially because Emilie was talking me through it. Afterwards I found that the tension in my neck and shoulder had released, so my range of motion increased and there was definitely less pain. This is it - I’ve found my yoga class!

Emilie is an Integrated Yoga Tune Up teacher and also teaches Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga. Private sessions are available at Dhs 350, for classes contact or visit - L.C.

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