Why You Should Be Adding Zucchini To Your Chocolate Cake

We know exactly what you’re thinking right about now: why would anybody want to eat zucchini and chocolate together?! But hear us out. 

You might think zucchini is one of those sad little vegetables that deserves no friends but only baking aficionados know its true worth. 

After all, there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than following a recipe to a tee only to end up with a cake that belongs in the Baking Hall of Shame. Sorry about the horrible flashbacks. 

But it’s time to get your baking mojo back. After months of struggling with ‘brick cakes’, we’ve finally cracked the code and it comes down to one lonely squash: zucchini. 

It firstly helps to remember that zucchini is 94 to 95% water–that translates to super moist, delicious cakes you’ll be dreaming about for a long time to come. 

Before you add any of that vegetal goodness to your cake batter, you’re going to want to remove any excess water by wrapping the shredded zucchini in a paper towel, and giving it a tight squeeze. 

This will help wring out all the excess water and prevent any ‘watery’ disasters. Once added, make sure you stir the batter gently to avoid a tough texture and bake away. 

And there you have it! Your simple guide to a soft, moist zuke cake…with all the extra fluff. 

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