REVIEW: Mama Fu’s - A Pan Asian Miracle

This month we found ourselves roaming around one of Dubai’s most bustling shopping malls, Dubai Festival City, and after our shopping adventure, we were craving some good food.  Next thing we know, we find ourselves at Pan Asian restaurant Mama Fu’s, located on the mall’s ground floor opposite Robinsons.

With a wide façade, the casual dining restaurant features a huge seating area that can easily accommodate a large number of shoppers and diners, without compromising on service. We take a seat close to the restaurant entrance facing the mall’s busy alley, bustling with shoppers and visitors, and take a quick look at the menu spread across appetisers, dim sums, soups, salads, mains and desserts.

From appetisers, we order fresh basil spring rolls and Thai dynamite shrimp. Both the appetisers taste fresh and crunchy with perfectly balanced Thai flavours. Next we order Shanghai dumplings, a perfect treat for spice lovers. The filling is generously tempting; the dumplings are served with chilli soya sauce that’s a delicious add on. Next we get the chicken Tom Yum soup, which is that generous a portion, it can easily be shared between two. The sweet and tangy flavours of coconut milk, Thai chillies and herbs works up the appetite to make you look forward to further Thai delicacies.

Moving on to the peanut soy salad with chicken, we are instantly transported to a South Asian country as it reminded us of the local authentic flavours we tried on our trip to Bali and Thailand. The mix of vegetables, wanton chips, peanuts, sesame seeds, crispy teriyaki glazed chicken with peanut soy dressing, work like pure magic.

Already mesmerised with a great mix of Asian flavours, our main dish teriyaki chicken was a complete delight. Served with a generous portion of rice on the side, the well-cooked sweet and tangy teriyaki chicken, stir-fried in teriyaki sauce and vegetables, can never disappoint any South Asian cuisine fan.

Last but not the least, the surprise unfolds with the dessert of Mama’s Roll Cheesecake, a fried cheesecake. It sounds unusual, but it can easily win a prize for the best dessert in Dubai. Expect to pay around Dhs 100 per person not including drinks for starters, some dumplings, a main dish and a dessert.

Call 04-2865015.

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