Dining Out The Healthy Way

A healthy heart is a happy heart. As it’s January, after all, we’ve collectively decided to make 2019 the year that we really focus on our health. Although exercising does a whole lot of the work and is vital to our health, it’s important that we focus on what we’re actually putting into our bodies too. Eating out is generally the one time we decide to derail slightly and indulge a little more than usual, however, you don’t necessarily have to stunt your progress when you’re out and about. We’ve compiled a list of the city’s healthiest eateries that will make sure you’re looked after in both service and nutritional value. Because, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

Urth by Nabz & G

Voted as the best vegan restaurant in Dubai, Urth by Nabz & G is a completely vegetarian and vegan friendly spot. The concept behind the restaurant is to help spread awareness about the positive energy that comes from eating great, wholesome food. With so much on the menu, Urth by Nabz & G offers so much more than great food, with attention to detail that is consistent in making diners feel nothing but good vibes. www.nabzandg.com

Balance Cafe

Incorporating ancient Ayuverdic concepts and nutrition, Balance Cafe has a vast menu of vegan options including brown rice flour pancake with bean sprouts and shredded tofu, brown rice masala dosa, oat and veg upma, soups, dips, salads, and soba noodles and vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free items. For those of us who suffer from nut allergies, the cafe also labels all its items that contain nuts. Call 04-5154051.

Comptoir 102

It’s safe to say that no one pays more attention to food than Comptoir 102, each ingredient undergoes age old techniques that have been generally abandoned by the culinary world such as pre-soaking, fermenting, cooking at low temperature, steaming and dehydrating. Comptoir 102 changes their menu daily according to harvest, that’s how you know that every single ingredient is fresh. Fancy a taste of real love? Check this place out! www.comptoir102.com 

Taipei Dao

Nothing says ‘flavoursome’ quite like Taiwanese cuisine. And, it’s about time we were able to enjoy our favourite Asian treats without those guilty feelings lingering on after. Expect delights such as the usual spring rolls, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken minus additives and crafted from the best ingredients - even down to the oil! Call 04-4510694. 

Wild & the Moon

If you’re a Dubai resident with an Instagram account, you’ve probably heard of Wild & the Moon. Located in the hippest of venues, Alserkal Avenue, Wild & the Moon offers plant-based food made from whole, ethically sourced ingredients - vegetables, fruits, super foods, wild food and absolutely no processed foods, gluten, refined sugars or no dairy products. Make sure to fire up your camera, because the food looks as gorgeous as it sounds! www.wildandthemoon.com 

Pineapple Express

As a highly recommended breakfast spot, Pineapple Express starts your day just right. The menu is packed with yummy treats that focus on being ‘good for your insides’ and keeps you feeling great all day. Whatever your diet or lifestyle choice, this spot caters with fresh salads, wraps, paleo treats, acai bowls and so much more. www.pineappleexpress.ae 

The Hippy Deli

Proving that plant-based food is equally as delicious as its counterparts, The Hippy Deli serves up delicious, wholesome ingredients that look just as good as they taste. The Hippy Deli encourages vegans as well as non-vegans to check out the treats on offer. www.hippydeli.com

The Farm

Founded in 2012 and set within the green surroundings of Al Barari, The Farm is more than a restaurant, it is a culinary, leisure and social hub for UAE residents looking to spend quality time and enjoy great food with family and friends. The Farm’s philosophy is simple, to serve high-quality, wholesome food the way nature intended, in a relaxed and tranquil setting. The flavours of The Farm are inspired from around the world, from Thai and Mediterranean to Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian. The Farm is a culinary haven in Dubai. Call 04-3925660.

The Retreat Palm Dubai

If brunch is your thing and you still want to go healthy, the new Detox Brunch is for you. Held each Saturday at Vibe restaurant at The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery, this family friendly brunch offers a feast of nourishing and healthy dishes including meat, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan and paleo varieties. The drinks are healthy too with a range of cold pressed juices, smoothies and naturally infused water. No brunch would be complete without desert, and here you can end the meal with a selection of homemade ice cream, along with a range of raw fruit desserts.

Gourmet by Kcal

KCal is synonymous with heathy eating and diets, but mainly known for home delivery. Gourmet by Kcal is a dine in restaurant of typical restaurant food, with a healthy and ethical twist. A menu of tasty and nutritious food is on offer, made from locally sourced fruit and vegetables, and where possible, organic. The menu offers a range of high protein dishes, low in carbohydrates and gluten free, and every dish prepared in its gluten-free kitchen is made completely from scratch. As you would expect with KCal, each dish comes with nutritional information, including a calorie count so you can keep a tab on your daily intake. Call 04-5117373.

Eat Well

If you want tasty food, that is also very good for you, Eat Well have created a menu that is dense in nutrients, high in antioxidants and filled with ingredients that will give you a natural health boost. The restaurant offers paleo, vegetarian, and vegan options and makes ordinary dishes for the health conscious. Ingredients are, where possible, organic, seasonal and locally sourced from suppliers who are ethical and environmentally responsible. If eating well was not enough to make you feel good, dining while taking in the views of Downtown Dubai certainly will. www.dubaieatwell.com

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