A Rare Affair: a roundup of Dubai’s top steakhouses

Since its invention in mid-19th century New York, the average steakhouse menu hasn’t changed much - how can you improve on perfection? Although there are different cuts of steak, some of us don’t really know what they are. We’ll admit that we have been caught in confusion over the difference between a strip and a sirloin in the past so we’re cracking the code on what to expect from your favourite cuts. The most common cuts of steak, available on almost every menu, are rib eye, T-bone, strip loin, sirloin and rump. Rib eye steaks come from the boneless interior of the steak and tends to be the most flavourful of cuts. A T-bone steak, however, comes from the loin and although the tenderest cut, tends to lack flavour. The strip loin is similar to the T-bone but without the bone itself and has more flavour. A sirloin - or rump steak comes from the area directly behind the loin and although it’s generally less tender it’s packed full of flavour.

How you like your meat cooked depends on your personal preference, although some top steakhouses refuse to overcook their meat. The term ‘Blue’ refers to a steak that’s seared very slightly on the outside and remains raw inside - and you may have to sign a waver if that’s your preference! If you enjoy your steak rare, that means you enjoy it slightly more cooked than a blue steak, but it’s still mostly red inside. Medium rare refers to a longer cooking time with just a sliver of redness in the middle whereas medium is pink inside. Having your steak cooked medium well means that it’s mostly brown, with a slightly pink centre and well done is exactly that - cooked throughout!

J&G Steakhouse
At the height of sophistication, J&G Steakhouse offers much more than good food - it offers an experience. Elegance and great steak sit side-by-side atop the menu, complete with handcrafted cocktails and an extensive grape list. For a sirloin with style, J&G Steakhouse is a restaurant that’s definitely seasoned to perfection. Call 04-4355577.

‘Asado’ refers to the techniques and social event of attending an Argentine barbecue. And, that’s exactly what this restaurant does. The grill offers meat cuts prepared on an open grill, or ‘parrilla,’ while making nods toward its Latin ancestry. In a vibrant yet traditional setting, meat-lovers can enjoy a unique experience with a variety of cuts to choose from. Call 04-8883444.

No one does steak quite like the Argentinians. With wall-to-wall leather, the restaurant is chic and understated - allowing the flavourful food to really speak for itself. To top it off, pair your dinner with a glass of their incredible selection of grape. For a warm environment and an even hotter selection of steaks, Gaucho has it all. Call 04-4227898.

Hunters Room & Grill
As one for the true steak connoisseur, Hunters Room & Grill serves prime grass-fed cuts of meat from New Zealand, Ireland and Australia and boasts thorough dry-ageing of 15 days to 270 days. With ladies and gentlemen nights hosted on Tuesdays, there are great meaty deals up for grabs - including 50% off food. Call 04-5117373.

JW’s Steakhouse
With a slogan like 'steaks that cut like butter,’ you know you’re in for a real treat. On the menu are a number of different cuts of steak as well as delightful appetisers and desserts. Seafood fans will also be thrilled by marine lobsters, oysters and Dugeness crabs - straight from the tank! JW’s Steakhouse also offers a private dining room for more intimate occasions. 

As the home of the ‘Salt Bae’ phenomenon, Nusr-et was launched into the spotlight. Meatlovers flock from all over the world to get a glimpse of what all the fuss is about. And trust us, it’s definitely worth it! Named after Nusret Gökçe, (Salt Bae himself) the restaurant is one of a chain of Turkish steak houses. www.nusr-et.com

Prime68 has a number of well-deserved awards in its arsenal. Aside from its incomparable menu, the restaurant plays host to an incredible panoramic view of the city. For an unforgettable treat, opt in to release your inner Bond with a themed Friday brunch on the 68th floor of one of the world’s tallest hotels. Call 04-4143000.

GRAZE Gastro Grill
When you’re on the hunt for a great steak dinner, you’ve usually got a feast in mind. GRAZE Gastro Grill can offer you just that. Truly a place to graze, the gastro grill offers guests a sharing menu packed full of wonderful nibbles that you can really sink your teeth into. Along with, of course, a whole host of steaks. Call 054-3095948.

RODA grill
Kick back, relax and let the food do the talking. Modelled on a New England dining room complete with wooden panelling and hardwood floors, the highly revered RODA Grill pays attention to detail. The signature steak tartare is prepared at your table with an open kitchen inviting you into the gastronomical experience. Call 04-2820000.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Voted as the best steakhouse in the United States, three years in a row, Ruth’s Chris Steak House simply sizzles. With New Orleans the southern charm and love of wholesome food, the restaurant hits your stomach via tugging at your heartstrings. Never compromising on quality ingredients, this really is good food. Call 04-4549538.

Seafire Steakhouse
Serving up the best cuts of Australian ‘Atlantis’ beef, Seafire Steakhouse really gets meat. Grilled over natural woods, the restaurant prides itself on making the most of every flavour. For a unique take on steak, try the Seafire Carpaccio with its delicate layers of marbled Atlantis Tenderloin coupled with a soft quail egg, pickled Shimeji mushrooms, horseradish cream, and truffle vinaigrette. Call 04-4262626.

The Big Easy Bar & Grill
Overlooking gorgeous golf course views, The Big Easy Bar & Grill offers a farm-to-table, seasonally driven menu. Inspired by the cultural crossroads of South Africa where meat is king, the restaurant offers ‘city-themed’ spice rubs to compliment any cuts. We’d recommend the ‘Dubai’ rub! www.bigeasydubaisportscity.com

The Butcher Shop & Grill
No fuss, no nonsense, just great meat. At this South African steakhouse, you’ll always find juicy, succulent steaks that wont break the bank. Ideal for a good meal while you’re out and about. You can find The Butcher Shop & Grill at City Walk, Mirdif City Centre, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Mall of the Emirates. www.butchershoparabia.com

The Exchange Grill
It’s New York, New York at The Exchange Grill. With legendary service and menu and decor to boot, the entire restaurant oozes New York’s finest. Enjoy steaks that sizzle alongside gazpacho and oysters and be transported back to the home of the original steakhouse. Call 04-3118316.

The Grand Grill
‘Bambanani,’ an African word meaning unity is what The Grand Grill is centred around. With a love of authentic South African food, every dish is sprinkled with additional care that you can really feel. Specifically known for its meat, The Grand Grill offers homemade dishes that are rich in flavour and even richer in quality. Call 04-3994221.

The Hide
Styled with a modern twist on rustic decor, The Hide is a chic meatery. Indulge in All-American delicacies in a cool and casual environment where the food is the ultimate star of the show. Until 15 September, the restaurant is also hosting a ‘Burgers and Brews’ offer with a cold beverage and a burger for just Dhs 125. Call 04-4323232.

The Rib Room
If you’re after a serious prime cut of Chateaubriand or an Oakey Angus Reserve Tenderloin, The Rib Room is the one for you. Prepared with finesse and flair, the award-winning restaurant serves tender meat dishes and even an array of vegetarian options too - so there’s something for everyone. For a little something extra, you can engrave your name onto a steak knife and have it added to the wall of fame in the restaurant. Call 04-4323232.

West 14th
Inspired by New York’s meatpacking district, West 14th is home to the best US Black Angus beef the region has to offer. Although it’s a steakhouse to its core, the restaurant also offers chicken and fish to accommodate for those who are less inclined by meaty treats. Call 04-4551101.

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