REVIEW: Fogo de Chao

There is probably no simpler, more relaxed and friendlier type of dining experience than in a churrascaria, and now there is somewhere new to enjoy this. Fogo de Chao meaning “fire of ground”, is Dubai’s newest Brazilian churrascaria restaurant recently opened in DIFC.

For those of you new to this type of restaurant, it is a meat lover's dream. The concept and menu is simple. Each setting has a circular card placed next to it, green coloured on one side and red on the other. If the green side is showing then passadores (waiters) come to your table, each carrying a different cut of meat, and carve for you. Had enough? Turn over to show the red side.

Fogo de Chao is the first UAE restaurant and second in the Middle East of the restaurant chain founded in Brazil some 40 odd years ago, and now boasting over 50 restaurants in six countries globally.

The menu is simple, you choose from one cut of meat, or the option of a continuous supply of the most popular cuts, or the Fogo Churrasco Experience- every single cut available, continuously coming to your table. There is also a Market Table with a good selection of salads, cold cuts, vegetables, fruit and cheese, and the Feijoada Station and it’s amazing Brazillian black bean stew.

With so many choices of meat, something like 8 cuts of beef, plus chicken and lamb, you are guaranteed to find some you like and some you really like. Our personal favourites were the Beef Ancho (ribeye) and the Fraldinha (bottom sirloin) and Picanha (top sirloin).

Each option is also accompanied by traditional Brazilian sides of cheese bread, polenta, mashed potato and caramelised banana.

As well as good food and a great atmosphere, what makes this restaurant that bit more stand out is the authenticity- real Brazilian food, imported Brazilian beef, cooked churassco and delivered by a team made up of no less than 35 individuals who have come over from Brazil.

The top choice on the menu, Fogo Churrasco Experience, is Dhs 299 per person not including drinks. For reservation call 04-3438867.

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