Tania’s Teahouse

Calling all bloggers, vloggers, fashionistas and people of style: If you’re in Dubai looking for a delightful ambiance, delicious treats, and some unforgettable Insta-worthy shots, look no further. The newest addition to Dubai’s café scene, Tania’s Teahouse is the pink brain child of entrepreneur Tania Lodi. The pink and white exterior can’t be missed, while the minimalist and chic interior captures all you seek for an iconic photo- and that includes the food.

We visited on a Saturday afternoon and were greeted by the busy hustle and bustle within the café. Right when you enter you are immersed into serious fairytale teahouse vibes. The two-floor villa has an open kitchen, a spacious pink room that is decorated with hanging greenery, rose gold accent pieces, hints of marble, and adorable wall art including a portrait of none other than our favourite Canadian rapper Drake.

And that’s not all, one of the most memorable parts of the café the collection of staple art pieces alongside the gold spiral staircase capturing the entire essence of the teahouse, chic, minimal, and you can tell is carefully chosen. It’s all in the details, after all.  

Though the menu is short, it has some filling and incredibly healthy bites, with portions exactly what you’d expect of a health conscious joint, satisfying minus the bloat. Among the Mermaid Toast and super bowl salad options, we opted for a smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and the chicken and herbs sandwich with sweet potato fries. The chicken and herbs sandwich is was savoury and delicious, made with a special teahouse sauce and topped with fresh herbs on warm toast. While the smoothie bowl was filling, capturing hints of banana and strawberry and being picture perfect patterned with fruit and seeds. From the large array of innovative teas, we decided to go for the Don’t Chai This At Home Latte and- wait for it, Dat Cookie, Dough Latte. Yes, you read that right. Finally, for a sweet treat, we picked the apple crumble Cake-In-A-Teacup, which came topped with fresh ice cream, and as soulful as your mum’s hearty apple pie.

Tania’s Teahouse will also be offering community programs including Yoga sessions and other events, aspiring to become a great community hub. So, we have a feeling we’ll be back soon!

To explore Tania’s Teahouse and their unique vibe, check out their website and social media


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