REVIEW: Hibachi at Roda Al Bustan

It’s been a while since we last ventured over onto the other side of Dubai Creek, so when we heard all the recent positives about Hibachi at the Roda Al Bustan, we thought we’d try it out for ourselves. Hibachi, which means charcoal grill, is a teppanyaki restaurant. Teppanyaki for the uninitiated is a Japanese style dining experience that gives you a front row seat as a chef prepares your meal right before your eyes on an iron griddle.

We went on a Sunday evening which is ‘surf and turf night’ with unlimited food and drink for a fixed price. The restaurant is already busy by the time we arrive for our 7.30pm reservation. We are seated at a large table surrounding an iron plate cooking surface where the chef has all his utensils and ingredients lined on the borders of the grill. He then proceeds with a ceremonial burning of oil with epic flames as an introduction. Whilst we are served miso soup and a salad the chef starts preparing shrimps with stunning flair and speed as he juggles and flips them on the griddle. They taste fresh and are perfectly cooked. This is followed by steak, chicken, salmon, hamour, a selection of vegetables, fried rice and more of anything anyone wants. Once you’ve had enough you are escorted to the formal dining area where the desert buffet is served.

The evening was very entertaining and watching our chef display his culinary expertise whilst slicing and dicing is theatrical and wonderful on the senses. The food quality and service are both very good but it’s the chef that steals the show!

The non-alcoholic package costs Dhs 229, including soft drinks, mocktails and juices, and the alcoholic Dhs 285 which includes hops, grape, cocktails and spirits. Children under 6 are free and up to 12 years old are Dhs 110 each. We would certainly recommend booking ahead as the restaurant can get busy.

For a great night out with friends, family or even work colleagues it’s certainly worth the effort to get across town for the Hibachi experience.

For reservations call 04-2820000

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