Review: Prime Steakhouse at The Meydan Hotel

Review: Prime Steakhouse at The Meydan Hotel

In a country where steak has been voted the nation’s favourite dish and in a city abundant with steak restaurants I headed over to Prime Steakhouse at The Meydan Hotel to determine how it fared.

Walking into Prime is like stepping back into a bygone era of glamour, with its elegantly chic surroundings highlighted by luxurious furnishings, high ceilings with stunning chandeliers and plush carpet. The wall of glass views over the majestic Meydan Racecourse only added to the glitz.

Surprisingly, the restaurant was busy by the time we arrived for our 8pm Thursday night reservation with numerous couples and one large group already occupying tables.

Sitting back on the Alice in Wonderland style oversized chairs and reading the menu for the first time you notice that it’s extensive. Aside from the steak, there is seafood, lamb and poultry, an array of side dishes, a good selection of appetisers and mouth-watering desserts. The menu also offers various options for vegetarians and gluten free items are available upon request.

For starters, I ordered the yellow fin tuna tartare with fresh mango, pomelo, onion, English mustard, capers and Worcestershire sauce. The dish was finished off with a green salad and edible daisy. It was light, fresh and very moreish. The combination of the sweetness of the mango and slight tartness of the pomelo worked very well giving the dish a nice balance.

Now, the reason I’m here, the steak. Prime sources its steak from around the world, I opted for the single cut Tajima Wagyu filet cooked at a medium temperature as recommended by the knowledgeable waiter. You’re also given a choice of steak knife which is a nice touch.

Serving of the steak is a grand theatre production as the waiter wheels a cart to the side of our table and prepares to flambé, the aroma of the steak and sauce is hypnotic. The steak is cooked perfectly (no pool of blood and no grey middle either) as the tender succulent meat just melts in your mouth.

Sides consisted of grilled asparagus, oven roasted rosemary jersey royals, chargrilled Portobello mushrooms and sprouting broccoli. All extremely well executed.

And so, to dessert with classic crepe suzette, again prepared in a dramatic table side flambé performance. The caramelised sugar, butter, orange juice and liqueur combined with the pancakes was an explosion of unhealthy delicious goodness. A perfect way to end a fabulous evening.

The service from what appears to be multi-national staff was discrete but attentive. Although, there were lapses quite possibly due to the high number of diners.

If you value quality and flavour in a glamorous intimate ambience, Prime Steakhouse is certainly worth a visit. -S. P. Call 04-3813333.

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