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Win With Masala Bazaar

Paying tribute to the legacy of the diverse flavours of India, Masala Bazaar invites guests of all ages on a culinary journey through the beautiful nation, blending age-old recipes with reimagined contemporary twists. Representative of the rich and authentic Indian flavours from north to south and east to west, this all-new licensed venue showcases a variety of impeccable dining options and a unique selection of signature cocktails. With interiors designed to represent the royal colours of the country, inspired lanterns creating the ambiance in the dimly lit room and highlighting colourful murals on the walls, Masala Bazaar provides guests with an insightful and authentic treat for all the senses. Infusing modern with tradition and colour in flavor, this all-new venue creates the perfect neighbourhood setting to unwind and delight in a little slice of India.

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How many regions does Masala Bazaar represent?

Answer: 4 regions – North, South, East & West- right answer


Winners will be announced soon.

Prizes must be collected by 30 April 2020

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