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Win with Reflections

With over 20 years’ tradition of service and satisfaction, Reflection Hair and Beauty Centre aims for the highest standards in hair, beauty and nail care.

Reflection is a beauty sanctuary for ladies looking for glamour and grooming. As soon as you enter the salon, your pleasurable moment of pampering begins – from the warm, welcome greetings of the staff, complimentary tea or coffee, to the free Wi-fi. The tasteful, elegant hair and beauty centre creates the perfect location for indulging in relaxation and the calming ambiance allows the mind to rest, thus making one leave totally pampered.

Featured services:

Universal Contour Wrap Anti-Cellulite Treatment
The Universal Contour Wrap Anti-Cellulite treatment is a powerful and effective treatment scientifically proven to reduce cellulite whilst sculpting the body. Cellulite is partly caused by poor blood-flow, which in turn affects the strength of fibrous tissue. By applying a small amount of carbon dioxide gas onto the area, the body recognises this as waste and is tricked into sending oxygen to the affected area through the bloodstream. The CO2 is then carried back to the lungs for elimination. This increased blood flow improves the cellular metabolism, whilst also pushing more blood into the deeper fibrous tissue layer beneath the skin. The fibrous tissue gets thicker and firmer, whilst the natural healing power of the skin is strengthened. This has a number of benefits to the skin including reduced fat cells and therefore reduced cellulite.

Minx Nails
Fashion doesn’t stop with your clothes; extend your unique style all the way to your finger tips with Minx! Just remember, there is no room for boring nails in the fashion world - put a pop of pattern or a burst of colour on the tips of your fingers and toes; and you feel like you can rule the world. Plus, every Minx design is different from the next, with endless possibilities and combinations.

Special offers:

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Which nail product does the Reflections Hair and Beauty Centre offer?

Answer: Minx Nails


Kristel Sfeir

Prizes must be collected by 01 May 2017

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