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SlimSpa are well known for catering to our slimming, cellulite, inch loss and hair loss treatment needs. I’ve had some great results with them, so when they told me they had a new treatment I was definitely up for being one of the first to try it.

Cool Sculpt is Cryolipolysis - the non-invasive freezing of adipose tissue to induce Lypolysis (breaking down of fat cells) or in simple terms - it freezes your fat to get rid of it!

What’s involved?
Cool Sculpt works by extracting heat from the underlying fat tissue, while protecting the skin, nerves, muscles and other tissues. It can be used on the stomach, thighs, hips and arms and I chose to try it out on the hardest place to shift stubborn fat - my love handles.
Cool Sculpt has two applicators so you can treat two areas in one session, each applicator is independent and has its own temperature control and suction. The applicator is put against your skin and sucks the targeted area in, and freezes it. The suction bit is a little uncomfortable, the freezing doesn’t hurt, and when the applicators come off the area just feels a bit numb.

What are the results?
There is no downtime to this procedure; I was back at work within the hour, and though the area was distinctly bruised for a few days and felt a little numb, it didn’t hurt. To allow for maximised results they suggest one treatment per month for three months, which can give a 60-70% reduction in localised fat. The results can be seen after 15 days and the most dramatic results after 8 weeks. After 15 days I have seen a loss of 1 inch and I’m looking forward to seeing the results after the 8 week period.

How much?
Cool Sculpt is priced at Dhs 2,000, Connector readers receive a 25% discount on a single session, at the price of Dhs 1,500.
Call SlimSpa on 04-3213485 for appointments. Visit for more information. -L.C

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