Autumn/Winter make-up trends

Beauty trends are always a hot topic. Some are around for a season, some stick around for a while, some are wearable and some you would have to be extra brave to try. For autumn/winter 2015, we have a mixture of exactly that, plus some of the age-old classics thrown in for good measure.

First up we have Strobing. This is not a brand new trend, however it’s not budging from the beauty top spot, and it’s been seen across runways throughout the whole year. For those who don’t know, strobing is simply highlighting. We’re steering even further away from harsh contouring (don’t even get me started on clowning - one word; AVOID!), and instead, going for a more natural, luminous, just-came-back-from-the-beach type glow. You can use a powder highlighter, like Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Illuminated’ and dust over the cheekbones, centre of the nose, cupids bow etc. Or if you have dry skin you can do the same with a liquid highlighter like the NARS illuminators, which set beautifully and are really easy to apply with just your fingers.

Strobing can work really well when combined with one of the biggest trends of the season; the 70s. When I think of this era I imagine perma-tans and everything in psychedelic shades, I’m not alone in this, am I? The good news is you can channel the 70s without going too over board, with just a few simple techniques. Use a bronzer across the tops of the cheekbones, temples, forehead and chin, and a burnt orange or rusty red lipstick. Try MACs ‘Mocha’ or Makeup Forever’s ‘Satin Rust’. Tie this with a minimal eye and a bouncy blow dry and you’ll look like you’ve just come off of the Charlie’s Angels set! 

Now of course, there are the usual autumn/winter beauty looks which pop up every year - the berry lip, the vamp, the metallic shadows, but how about trying something a little more edgy? ‘Grunge’ has been making an appearance in shows such as Versace and Marc Jacobs. Most have opted for either a dark smudgy eye, or a black (yes, black!) lip. The reason that I stress the ‘either’, is that if you go with both, it could make you look more ‘Halloween’ than ‘beauty queen’, so try sticking to just one at a time! I know what you must be saying ‘of course I’ll stick to one at a time… but how?’ Well, a smudgy smoky eye is probably the easiest thing to do, as it’s meant to look messy and worn in. Take a soft kohl pencil like Bourjois Smoky Effects in black, and line all around the lash and waterline and simply smudge it in. You can add a bit of dark eye shadow to set it if you have oily skin or are planning on wearing it for a long time. For a black lip, you do have to be quite precise. Use a black liner to line the lips initially and then fill it in with a black lipstick using a lip brush. Use a long-lasting matte formula like Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lipstick, to avoid any bleeding around the edges. With black, any smudge will look like you’ve chewed on a biro. Once this has dried, you can keep it matte or add a gloss over the top. Black lips can actually look super-hot and not witch-like at all when paired with simple, pretty eye make-up. Try it!

One of my favourite trends this winter, which will be especially great for the festive season, is the adorned eye. Contrary to how it may sound, this can actually be extremely wearable. Imagine a smoky eye, but instead of highlighting the inner corners with a regular eye shadow, add a small diamante there instead. A glittery eye shadow can be given an upgrade by using sequins over the entire lid instead. If you’re feeling particularly edgy, you can swap a classic liner for a flash tattoo on the outer corners of the eyes. With these ideas, I’d advise to keep the lips pretty neutral, and all would look stunning with a sleek hairstyle, to ensure the eyes really pop. 

Simple, everyday essentials like mascara and lip-gloss are usually avoided on the catwalk, however even these pretty products were favoured by make-up maestros like Val Garland and Pat Mcgrath. With looks ranging from a simple glossy lip to full on sequined eyes, there’s something for everyone this season. So, whichever style is your favourite, you’re sure to be bang on trend. Whatever you choose, be confident and wear it with a smile!


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