Four Bold Accessorising Trends That Command Respect

The contemporary queen dresses for herself. She decorates herself in her experience, relationships and accomplishments. Her bling radiates externally while firing up her inner glow. It is no surprise that the way a woman accessorises does not define who she is. However, can influence how she feels. In 2020, more than ever before, there are no limitations to personal style and expression. Fashion artists have stowed away the accessorising rule book and are pushing boundaries towards playful and empowering experimentation. 

Here are four bold accessorising trends that command respect and are seen to have an empowering impact on the wearer!   

Layering and Stacking

Layering and stacking are the epitomes of a ‘FEMpowering’ statement! It is a subtle yet strong art form, that once mastered, can open up avenues to playful experimentation. When I think of layering, what immediately comes to my mind are army and strength in numbers - an assembly of beautiful, dainty pieces combined together to offer variety to even a monotone outfit. The art of gathering individual pieces of jewellery to layer up suggests a metaphor for women combining forces to empower each other and exude confidence while building solid relationships and support systems. The recipe for layering allows for exploration of a variety of lengths, thickness, metals and stones.

Pearl Necklace

Some of the most powerful and respected women from all walks of life including politics, journalism, arts and even sports, have been photographed in pearls. They have been a staple wardrobe for over a century–from Oprah to Emma Watson, Katharine Graham to Serena Williams. Pearls have remained the monarch’s signature statement as they are elegant and feminine, yet exuding presence, power and grace. 

So, what is it about a string of pearls that makes them a timeless, universal statement piece, adorned by women of every age and skin colour?

Firstly, pearls have the power to illuminate one’s face, unlike any other gem. It has the power to radiate someone’s inner glow and enhancing self-esteem. Secondly, pearls are versatile and can amplify the flattest of outfits.

Finally, they are affordable and have voyaged the office to the red carpet! 

Cuff pieces

A modern statement of the centuries-old legacy, cuff bracelets can be dated back to the time of ancient Egypt, the Mayans and even Medieval Europe. From Cleopatra’s upper arm cuff to Wonder Woman’s indestructible cuff bracelets, these accessories are a symbol of empowerment, courage and dynamism. It’s no shocker that minimalism has announced itself to be the theme of the generation. But unlike traditional bracelets and jewellery, a woman decorated in a bold cuff bracelet has sanctioned a single accessory to direct her entire ensemble. Its large surface area is bold and edgy. Styling cuff jewellery doesn’t need much accompanying as it is a strong and independent solo structure, unapologetic to take on centre stage!

Right-hand Rings

Simply put, right-hand rings are rings that are worn on the right hand. This trend is the ultimate declaration of independence. For generations, rings were traditionally gifted to a woman by her significant other - worn on the left hand or either of the ring fingers to signify commitment or marriage. 

Fortunately, the modern-day, independent boss lady, has the power to break through these ‘norms’ and spend her hard-earned income to purchase extravagant accessories. 

Although unconventional, this trend allows for playful mix and match, from large statement gemstone rings on the middle finger, to delicate midi rings. 

Today, women all over the world, of every age and upbringing wear their womanhood with pride as they have all played a vital role in defying conventional standards. They are exercising their freedom of expression and settle for nothing less than quality. 

So go ahead, treat yourself, you deserve it! xo  


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