“Namaste, Bowing Play!” The Benefits Of Introducing Kids To Yoga

We all know the benefits of Yoga. What about our little ones? Surely, they’re active enough that Yoga would have no real benefit, right? Not so according to Dubai-based Yoga creative and trainer, Carla Julian.

Fresh from instructing children of all ages, and their parents, at the fourth annual edition of XYoga Dubai presented by Dubai Holding, Carla tells us that the benefits of regular Yoga practice for children are endless!

The Benefits Are Endless

The benefits of introducing children to regular Yoga practice from a young age are truly endless, ranging from physical, psychological, therapeutic to emotional. Yoga helps with self-regulation, self-management, anatomy and injury prevention, listening skills, visual and audio processing, coordination, balance, flexibility, sensory stimulation, self-expression, trust, discipline, focus and concentration and it builds confidence. It helps reduce stress levels and teaches our youth about the importance of awareness and mindful breathing.

It’s Fun!

Little yogis also enjoy having regular Yoga practice as much as we do. They learn to observe and better manage their emotions, express their feelings, apply breathing techniques to help them centre, remain calm, acknowledge their worries and learn to let go. From the world of animals to shapes, figures, games, team and partner poses, to storytelling, Yoga for children is enjoyable and as fun as any game or sport.

 It’s About Growth

It is always impressive how well children respond to each other’s energies, and how they easily activate their imaginative mind. Children’s Yoga classes are designed to offer dynamic, empowering, strengthening, balancing and co-ordination sequences, as much as calming, soothing, comforting, meditative, thoughtful and mindful sections specifically created to magnify children’s well-being.

Inputs from Carla Julian, Yoga Creative and Trainer. @move_on_yoga IG | @moveonyogadubai FB

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