REVIEW: A Perfect Facial For Ageing Skin

Located at Le Meridian Hotel and Conference Centre on Airport Road, Natural Elements Spa and Fitness offers a wide range of face and body treatments using premium skin care products from Pevonia-Botanica. 

Known for its tranquil environment and excellent spa menu selection, the spa spread across a vast area features nine treatment rooms and separate sections for men and women.

We arrive at the spa property to review their latest offering of NE Signature Face Lifting Treatment.

We meet the therapist Patitta at the reception, who whisks us off to the changing room and asks us to wait in the relaxation room once we change into the robe. 

As we sip our welcome drink, the therapist explains the facial steps and asks us if we have gone thorough any cosmetic treatment such as botox or filler, as it is not possible to have the facial for at least one and half months. Also a woman in the first trimester is also not allowed this new facial. We do not fall in any of these categories, so we move to the therapy room to get the 45-minute facial from the expert therapist. 

The therapy room is compact, cosy and has all the facilities you would expect, including a bath section inside it. The facial begins with cleansing and scrubbing of the face. Then, with aromatherapy oil, Pattita gently gives us a relaxing face, shoulder and back massage. 

Now comes the main part; the therapist gives a deep tissue massage to all the facial muscles, including jaw, temple and cheekbone. The pressure is hard and is a little painful. Nonetheless, the therapist is gentle and gives short breaks in between to breathe in. The massage helps to tighten the skin's shape, restore muscle position, detox and improve circulation, resulting in a more radiant complexion. The treatment ends with a relaxing face mask for ten minutes. 

The massage is highly recommended for those who are looking for complete skin rejuvenation. Both young and ageing skins can expect amazing results. 
Priced at Dhs 350. 

Call 04-7022430. 

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