REVIEW: ZAAZ - A Moroccan Inspired Luxury Wellness Spa

We feel the royalty and the serenity effect on us as soon as we walk into Zaaz (Arabic for elegance), the new wellness spa in Jumeirah. Light cream-coloured walls, natural light, a Riad inspired fountain and touches of Moroccan architecture stitched together using minimalistic aesthetics, make us feel as we have found a refuge from all the craziness of this world and look forward to getting pampered without any interruptions.

Owned by Asmaa Quorrich, corporate marketing powerhouse, wife, and mother-of-two turned entrepreneur, she has put a lot of effort in creating an experiential sensory journey including elements such as green spaces, meditating music, clutter free interiors and using only chemical free products sourced from across the globe.

We are served a shot of honey infused fresh orange juice as our welcome drink. The attendant collects our footwear and gives us a pair of slippers to be worn inside the spa.

We are led to the changing room which is on the first floor by the Hammam room. The little locker there has a charging point inside for mobile phones - a brilliant thought and attention to detail.

We enter the Hammam room and walk through the hazy steam to lie down on the marble slab. This quite elaborative bath ritual ‘Zaaz Hammam Malaki’ starts off with a light body massage and inhalation of aromatic oils. The therapist then scrubs the full body with black soap mix and then scrubs it off with the kessa glove. We are surprised with the amount of dead skin that rolls off. Each scrub application was followed by a good shower bath. The bath continues with a green tea scrub, hair massage with organic oil mix, green tea infused ghassoul body wrap and finishes off with a final whitening herbal mask for the face, and a shower for one last time.

We sip Moroccon herbal tea with biscuits served in a beautiful silver set as we take some time off in the relaxation room, before we go back to face the crazy world.

Price Dhs 550. Duration 90 minutes.

Call 050-9354577.

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