Yoga Keeping Expectations Real

Yoga is something you learn forever, it is a way of life, and that is why it is called a practice. 

Yoga is not just designed to supply yourself with a physical sensation or an aesthetic like those Instagram yogis with the athletic bodies, who are able to stand on their head with a serene look across their face. Yoga is a holistic practice which is about an exploration of yourself; to face and develop your physicality, mentality, spirituality and emotions. You go to yoga with your whole being and take what you want from it.

Acceptance: If you are someone who sits at a desk all day, or even if you do a lot of physical exercise, when you take your first yoga class you will feel discomfort - and that is OK! As a teacher, we are always used to seeing this and there is no judgement. Each person has their own history and battles to face.

Patience: Whether dealing with a healed injury, or developing imbalance, bad habits or bad posture - know that it is all part of the parcel of growing as we get older. You cannot expect to be able to touch your toes on the first try. Where the magic truly happens in yoga is when you let go of this preconceived idea of how you should be or how well you should do in yoga, and open your mind to allow the discomfort, breathe through it and learn more about how incredible you and your body are.

Practice: So, when you see that instagram picture of the beautiful woman, seamlessly levitating her entire body on one hand, stretched out with a smile on her face, or even that man in a striking power pose, know that these yogis have taken years to get to that point, and that they have opened their mind, body and soul to this practice.

Input from Didier- Yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher at Bodytree.

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