REVIEW: Experience The Luxury At Jose Eber Laloge

Dubai is home to ultimate luxury experiences and the beauty industry is definitely one of them. We visit the luxury salon for men and women, Jose Eber Laloge at The Address Montgomerie Dubai in Emirates Hills. Named after José Eber, hairdresser to Hollywood’s elite, the salon is a collaboration between him and Dubai based entrepreneur Reem Abou Samra.

Even though the salon is part of The Address. as you drive closer to the property, a placard on the roundabout just before the hotel’s main entrance reads 'salon on the right'. We follow the sign, and we not only find the salon but also ample space to park.

Enter the building to find that it has three separate Laloge Salons, one for men, one for women's hair and another room for massage and facial treatments for women. In the women hair salon, the interiors ooze opulence with classic black and gold mosaic tiles, grand crystal chandeliers and super-comfy and stylish Fendi furniture. The salon looks busy and we see happy women leaving with very stylish hair as we eagerly wait our turn.

We sit down with the hair expert, a trained professional from Syria. He examines our hair quality and suggests we need a nourishing hair pack - Karatese Treatment, trimming and a blow dry.

In next few minutes, we are whisked off to the wash-basin chair, as we comfortably put our head back into the sink, the chair turns into a massager lounge; we give some extra brownie points for the massage chair.

The hair expert washes our hair twice and applies the Karatese spray into our hair and leaves it for ten minutes before it gets a final wash. Next, we are ready for a hair trimming, and what the expert stylist does to our hair shouts out that trimming is an art and not everyone can do it. In seconds, the dull ends are gone and hair starts to bounce off.

Next up comes the assistant to blow-dry, and add a few outward curls at which point we start to receive compliments from other customers. this is obviously very flattering and makes us want to visit all our friends to show off our new hair.

Kerastase Treatment Dhs 250, Trimming Dhs 250, Blow dry Dhs 150. 

For appointments call 052-7225999.

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