REVIEW: Botox Hair Treatment At Zieda Beauty Lounge

Summer woes start with hair distresses. Especially when we travel to cold countries and come back. Chances are very high that our locks don’t take the weather shock very well.

This month at Connector we try two new things, the first one is a brand new salon on Jumeirah Road, Zieda Beauty Lounge, and the second one is a trending Botox Hair Treatment.

First things first, for the Botox treatment no injections are involved. Rather, Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous.

Renowned hair stylist and makeup artist, Zieda Sharipova opened the salon on 1 May this year in a huge villa on Jumeirah Road. The interior of the salon is so impressive that it dazzles our eyes as soon as we step inside and see the best use of the black, white and grey shades complete with colourful pop-art paintings to complement the shades.

The salon is spread across the ground level and the first level featuring hair and nail sections on the ground and facial and massage rooms on the first. Even though the salon is in a prime location, the prices are very moderate. The staff are mostly trained beauticians from Russia.

The hair expert at Zieda carefully examines our hair and begins with the treatment. It starts with washing our hair followed by application of the filler on each and every strand of our hair.

She leaves our hair as it is for forty minutes, and meanwhile we are served a hot cup of cappuccino with a piece of chocolate.

After the 45-minute wait, the technician moves on to the next steps that includes blow-drying and straightening. The whole process takes closer to three hours and changes our hair dramatically.

Use sulphate-free shampoos after the treatment, and the effect remains for two to three months. The treatment is priced at Dhs 250. Product - Keratin Complex. Call 050-8837478.

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