Cavitation & LPG @ SlimSpa

Slimspa has been around for the past 16 years catering to us girls and all our slimming, cellulite, inch loss and hair loss treatment needs. And this month I was back there to get ready for my summer holiday.

What’s involved?

I was specifically looking to rid myself of the fat deposits on my inner thigh and my muffin top. SlimSpa suggested I try Cavitation and LPG, as used together they can produce amazing results. Cavitation is the most advanced treatment for localised fat accumulation. It can be used for body sculpting, carving and deep fat removal on the thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach, calves, hands, “love-handles” and double chins. LPG Lipomassage for the body mobilises your connective tissues to stimulate your metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic system. It is mostly for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, firming and draining. It works very well with Cavitation because it basically helps everything drain away after Cavitation has melted it!

What are the results?

An hour or so later with no pain and no downtime I had lost 3cm from each leg and 3cm from my stomach! Do I need to tell you I was delighted?!

How much?

Cavitation is priced Dhs 700 for a single session and LPG is priced at Dhs 350 for a single session. Connector readers get a 30% discount during June.

SlimSpa is located in Al Attar Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. Call 04-3437987 for appointments. -L.C

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